Ancient Seal Discovered in Jerusalem

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 posted by Joan
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During excavations near the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a 2,000-year-old seal was discovered.  The find dates back to the end of the First Temple period which is more than 2,700 years ago.  The seal was discovered on the floor of an ancient building. It is made of a semi-precious stone and is engraved in Hebrew with the name of its owner, Matanyahu, which is a name similar to Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. The remainder of the engraving is erased.  Personal seals made from engraved stones were used to sign letters.

The find was made near the remains of a building that dates back to the end of the First Temple period.  It was discovered below the base of an ancient drainage channel that is currently being exposed in excavations in the Jerusalem Archaeological Garden.  This building is the closest structure to the First Temple that has been found  in archaeological excavations.


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