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Jesus Loves You Engraved Stones

Jesus Loves You Faith Stones

Assisi is one of the marvelous cities in Italy that is not to be missed when you visit this wonderful country.  Here lies the tomb of St. Francis.  No matter what religion you practice, you will feel goose bumps as you walk back into history.  Geographically, it is located on the western slopes of Mount Subasio in the northern part of Italy.  A proper visit requires at least two days of touring.

St. Francis was born in 1182.  He was a very talented man who through his family became learned in languages, the arts and business.  St. Francis (Francesco) was taken prisoner during the war against  Perugia.  He spent a year in jail and spread courage and good humor among his fellow prisoners.  He gained fame because of his desire to give away his possessions to the poor.  When he encountered a leper, rather than running away,  he approached and kissed the man.  His behavior was considered strange by his father and the citizens of Assisi.

The Basilica Di San Francesco stands out far atop the mountain. There are no engraved river stones. The Tomb of St. Francis is located below .

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