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Pockets of Resistance

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 posted by Joan
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Throughout history, those in power have always encountered pockets of resistance. During World War II, the Warsaw Ghetto was a good example of this.  Although the Jews were greatly overmatched in terms of personnel and weapons, the uprising forced the Germans to deploy assets to overcome the Jews instead of on the front.  The Polish Jews knew there was no chance of winning; however, they also knew that unless they resisted, they were destined for certain extermination.  By pockets of resistance, I refer not to throwing pocket stones, but to disrupting the enemy.

Other examples of resistance throughout history include our forefathers during revolutionary times, and even Al Qaida pockets after the US led invasion of Iraq.  During WWII, the French underground was a collection of French resistance movements that frustrated German occupied France. They appeared to be regular French citizens, but they secretly collected first-hand intelligence information, and maintained escape networks that helped Allied soldiers and airmen trapped behind enemy lines.  How many lives were saved by those brave people who faced certain execution by the Nazis if they were ever found out.

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