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American Flag Quiz

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 posted by Martin
Engraved stones gift bowl

Engraved Stones Gift Bowl

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  1. What American flag had a rattlesnake on it?
  2. What famous author wrote a poem about the American flag?
  3. The first stars and stripes American flag had how many stars and stripes on it?
  4. What is the name of the largest American flag?
  5. In which overseas city was the first American flag flown in battle?
  6. In what year was the American flag authorized by the continental congress?
  7. Who sewed the first stars and stripes American flag?
  8. Outside of the United States, where is the American flag flown 24 hours a day?
  9. Under which US president were the design changes allowing for a specific number of stars and stripes?
  10. Which was the latest state to be honored on the American Flag?

1. The Gadsden flag. This flag was used in the revolutionary war prior to the Declaration of Independence.
2. Francis Scott Key
3. 13 of each.
4. The superflag
5. Tripoli
6. 1777
7. Betsy Ross and George Washington
8. The moon
9. James Monroe
10. Hawaii

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