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All About Engraving Tools

Monday, May 22, 2017 posted by Martin

Engraved River Stones

There are all kinds of engraving machines for sale.  You will find laser engravers that barely scratch the surface and others that can cut deep enough to create engraved pocket stones.  There are also Dremel machines that cut into wood, plastics and soft metal.  They are great for engraving personal electronic to make them less likely to be stolen.

If you want to do precision engraving, it should not be done free hand.  You will need a device which sets up the work using a computer chip.  Most lasers are great for that.  Diamond tipped engraving tools are a must for engraving hard surfaces like precious stones, granite and other stones.  Monument makers often use a sandblasting technique for best results on new and already installed cemetery markers. If you need tools to engrave stones as a hobby, you can find laser engravers for less than a thousand dollars.

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All About Engraved Stones

Thursday, October 20, 2016 posted by Martin
Engraved Stones

Engraved Stones

Small stones come from hard rock and are not easy to engrave without the proper equipment.  Examples of engraved stones are burial monuments and word or pocket stones.  Sandblasting is the preferred technique for engraving cemetery monuments, however stones can be chiseled using special chisels.  Frequently, the patterns or templates are hand drawn by expert craftsmen, however, in the 21st century, the use of lasers has become more common.  Stone engraving of words and pictures is a slow process involving many steps to get to the end product.

Word stones are made using special engraving tools each of the stones are set into the machine.  First, they are cleaned, smoothed and polished.  Diamond cutters or lasers can be used to form the words.  In most cases, trained workers then color the words to enhance the images.  Once completed, word stones are carefully packaged and shipped to their destination.  Because even small rocks are fragile, every effort must be made to avoid dropping or banging the stones.

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