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Social Security Survivor Benefits

Thursday, April 24, 2014 posted by Martin


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People think of Social Security as an aid to their retirement years.  True.  It probably will not be sufficient income to retire on, however combined with pensions, 401Ks and IRAs, one can maintain a reasonable standard of living.  However, Social Security also provides survivor’s benefits.  Social Security benefits will give you peace of mind, like pocket stones,  helping you get through tough times.

Such benefits are available to the surviving spouse, unmarried children and dependent parents.  Spouses can receive full benefits at full retirement age.    Full retirement age rules vary so check with your local Social Security office to determine if you qualify.  However, distributions continue  if the surviving spouse is caring for the child or children, who are less than age 16 and receiving benefits.

Unmarried children  (up to specified ages) can also receive benefits. If they are disabled before age 22 and remain disabled, they will continue to receive benefits.  If dependent parents are older than age 62, they are also eligible for Social Security benefits.  To be dependent, one must have furnished more than one half of their support.

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