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Black Friday Sales

Thursday, December 1, 2016 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Engraved River Stones

Merry Christmas Engraved River Stones

Most folks wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to take advantage of loss leaders from major retailers.  Black Friday used to be on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but many retailers are making it earlier and today, the sales begin on Thanksgiving Day or earlier.  Originally, the sales were by retailers of general merchandise. Today, almost every retailer from automobiles to engraved river stones to zoos have their Black Friday sales for a full week and more.  Car companies and appliance manufacturers dump last year’s models and call it Black Friday sales.  Are you really getting a big bargain?

As an example, when the new automobiles are introduced each year, there is not much discounting.  When Christmas arrives, there are deals.  After that, promotions and sale prices become more frequent throughout the season until June when end-of-year prices begin.  My message is, “Be a careful consumer.”  Don’t assume that just because a retailer uses the words Black Friday it means you are getting a loss leader.

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