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The Rocky Mountains

Sunday, August 18, 2013 posted by Martin
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One of America’s majestic natural resources is the Rockies.  They stretch more than 3,000 miles from Canada to as far south as New Mexico.  Its many peaks and valley were sculptured by the recession of the glaciers.  If you have never been to the Rockies, place it on your bucket list because you will see sights that will leave you in awe.  Make sure you bring your camera because there are never ending experiences to photograph.

The many popular tourist attractions include Glacier, Black Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Gran Titan and Theodore Roosevelt National Parks among the many fabulous sites to see.  The Rockies are at the continental divide.  That is where the waters from the Rockies flow either east to the Atlantic,  or west to the Pacific.   During winter, Colorado attracts vast numbers of skiers to its picturesque trails (if you can get there).  During the summer, the views of snow and ice on the snow capped mountain peaks surrounded by rock formations and green foliage bring tourists in equal numbers.  Plan to visit and bring home suveniours such as personalized engraved corporate gifts made from genuine Rocky Mountain stone.

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