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Safe Driving

Saturday, August 23, 2014 posted by Martin
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Some¬†won’t admit it, but as we age, our driving ability changes. The years of experience tend to make us more careful drivers; however our reflexes change as a result of aging, medications, hearing and visual aptitude. We compensate for this by being more alert and anticipating danger. Still, there are some drivers, over age 55, who believe that their reflexes are as good as they were 40 years earlier. They continue to take chances and get away with it until one day they make a mistake and there is a crash. This is a crash that could have been avoided. The secret is for older drivers to take a driver safety course.

AARP and others provide classroom training to make older drivers better behind the wheel. As an example, see if you can answer these two simple questions:

1. What should the distance be between me and the car in front?

2. What do I do when the traffic lights are not working?

If you are not certain of the answers enroll in a course and get a discount on your insurance.

These messages of encouragement are brought to you but a certified driving instructor





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