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March Madness

Monday, February 25, 2013 posted by Martin


What A Shot Motivational Stone

Motivational Greeting Stones

Ask any college basketball fanatic what March Madness means, and the response will be that is when the NCAA division one basketball games are played to determine the best college basketball team in the country.  While the primary focus is on the men’s games, women’s division one games are also very exciting.  Just ask any UConn graduate.  What makes it even more exciting is the money bet on the projected winners and the projected winners in the four brackets, be it for money or just for fun.  For many, it is even more exciting than the NBA playoffs.

But did you know that March Madness has other connections?  Here are two other aspects of March Madness:

  • The month of the government of Canada’s fiscal year end (March 31), when departments traditionally rush to spend the remainder of their budgets
  • The Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship is a single elimination tournament held each spring.

The Illinois High School Basketball Championship was the first tournament to be called ‘March Madness’. The term was first used about the Illinois tournament in 1939, decades before it was used about the NCAA Basketball Tournament. That’s when the winners receive their motivational stones.

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