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Medical Abbreviations

Thursday, August 25, 2016 posted by Martin
feel good engraved stones

Feel Good Inspirational Stones

A few months ago, I was in the emergency room for chest pain.  It turned out to be nothing serious, but I played a little trick on the first year resident.  She asked me about all of my medical conditions.  I told her about everything, and then I said I also suffer from TKD and THD.  A bit embarrassed, she admitted that she was not familiar with those two problems.  She asked if I could tell her more about them. I gave her some engraved pocket stones for being such a good listener.

Then, I told her that my wife was the only one who could relieve the problems.  TKD stands for Tender Kiss Deprived.  THD means Tender Hug Deprived.  When my wife was the Principal of a school, she had to deal with student problems like ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  To earn her attention, I invented TKD and THD so I also had her attention.  It’s been more than 20 years now, and each day, my wife helps me to overcome my TKD and THD symptoms.  The resident had a good laugh.  We were glad she is a good sport.

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