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Keeping Things Polished

Sunday, September 25, 2016 posted by Martin
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Polishing creates a smooth and shiny surface. While in the Army, there were lots of things I had to do that required me to wear my boots.  They included guard duty, long hikes and KP (kitchen patrol).  Each of these tasks resulted in filthy boots.  Nonetheless, there was inspection every day and my boots had to look new.  The solution was clean water followed by spit and polish.  There is a big difference between clean boots and shiny boots.  It took more than a half hour to get my boots looking better than new. Polish is usually the solution for great looking floors, counter tops, engraved polished stones and Army boots.

What kinds of polish do you use to keep things looking great?  Nail polish uses a lacquer that dries hard and shiny.  Floors use a wax specially designed to bring out the luster in wood.  It is important to seal and polish your granite counter tops periodically using specially designed consumer products.  Remember, if you polish your kitchen cabinets, counters, silver products and floors regularly, your home will look beautiful.


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