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All About Paperweights

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 posted by Joan
I Love My Cat Engraved Stone

I Love My Cat Engraved Stone

I was told that paperweights really began their popularity during the 1800s.  Early on, glass was the desired material from which paperweights were made.  In Corning, New York, the museum has a display of all kinds of paperweights.  They include everything from half globes to motivational paperweights.  Their evolution is very interesting.  Paperweights were principally made in France and were considered an art form.  They were a must among the wealthy.

During the early years, glass paperweights were glass art forms and were signed and dated by the creator.  These were not just simple things to hold down the papers.  They were displays of works of art.  But because the paperweight is an effective means to keep papers organized, they became very popular during the 20th century.  Price points dropped so they were available to the mass market.  Today, paperweights are still made of glass, but also other materials such as stone and metal. What kind of paperweights do you own?

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