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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Monday, August 25, 2014 posted by Joan

Kindergarten is a new beginning for most

Happy Hanukkah Engraved Stones

Happy Hanukkah Engraved Stones

children.  Like all new beginning, it can cause anxiety for kids and their parents.  Some strategies to better prepare your child for the next step are:

  • Speak to them frequently about kindergarten for a few months prior to the start of school.  Talking about it will not only help prepare them, but it will help you understand their feelings.  Enjoy the beginning of the school year.  Soon, it will be time to send your Christmas and Chanukah greetings.
  • Plan a tour of the new school.  Most schools have a kindergarten orientation that includes a tour of the school and classroom.  If not, contact the principal to arrange for a visit.
  • Shop for school supplies with your kindergartener.  Let him/her participate in the selection.
  • Start adjusting your child’s schedule so it is in synch with the school schedule.  Gradually change bedtimes and wake times so he/she is prepared for getting up at the appropriate time for school.


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