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Great Excuses

Thursday, October 31, 2013 posted by Martin
You're A Winner Motivational Stone

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Why I Missed The Meeting

  • I forgot about daylight savings time.
  • Tuesday?  Oh I thought the meeting was on Wednesday.
  • My watch battery must have run down.
  • My GPS sent me the wrong way (now that’s for real).

Why You didn’t Get Paid

  • I don’t get paid till the first of the month.
  • I must have put your check in the wrong envelope.
  • I was about to pay you when I was rushed to the hospital.
  • You put a bad zip code on my bill.  It just arrived yesterday.


  • I gave at the office.
  • I’m all out of checks.
  • They don’t rank high enough on Charity Navigator.

Something Is Missing

  • The dog must have eaten it.
  • The cat must have eaten it.
  • I think the cleaning lady must have thrown it out by accident.


  • I am really sorry.  Please accept this inspirational paperweight as a token of my appreciation for your positive perspective.
  • Let me make it up to you.  How can I make things right?


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