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Father’s Day Thoughts

Friday, May 5, 2017 posted by Joan
Dad Rocks Greeting Stone

Dad Rocks Engraved Stones

Although Father’s Day is weeks away, I like to collect ideas on celebrating it.  Most of us still have our fathers, however in my case and with many others, Dad already passed away.  Now, Father’s Day is a celebration for my kids and grandkids.  Nonetheless, on this special day, I remember a personalized stone etching that I had given Dad which he treasured.  I think back to the great times I shared with my dad and I appreciate all he did for me while he was alive.

My dad was not a sports nut, but he took my sister and me to baseball games.  He knew it would make us happy and provide an experience that was unique.  Dad was not a fisherman, but he showed me how to fish.  He was not a carpenter or an electrician, but he showed me how to create things from wood and how to do basic wiring.  As I grew older, I realized that I was not a master of any craft, but I could fix things that were broken, work with basic hand tools, and appreciate the world more by reading about it.  Thank you, Dad.

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