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Proposing Marriage

Thursday, July 2, 2015 posted by Martin
I Love You Engraved Stone

I Love You Engraved Stones

What is the best way to propose marriage to your lover?  There is the old fashioned way by asking her parents for their approval first. What if they don’t say yes?   It is about as rare as personalized engraved corporate gifts in a Cracker Jack box.  You can do it eyeball to eyeball or over the phone.  Would you propose via email or a text?  That’s very tacky.

Then there are the creative ways. Should you do it on a holiday? Proposing at an arena or a stadium with the camera on you is something special.  Would you place an engagement ring in a Cracker Jack box?  I’ve even heard of proposals or marriages while sky diving. They’re too risky for me and my heart.  Should a proposal be in front of others or in private?  Think of all of the unique and creative ways you can propose.  But remember, it is only a good idea if the answer is YES.

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