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A Chanukah Story

Thursday, August 25, 2016 posted by Martin


Happy Chanukah Greeting Stones

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One upon a time there were three dreidels. In case you are not aware, a dreidel is like a top; but when it lands, one of the four sides is up. You either put money into the pot, or take money out of the pot. The three dreidels were named Maidel, Fraydel and Ladle. Every year the kids would play with the dreidels awaiting Chanukah greetings and gifts from their parents. Maidel and Fraydel were durable because they were made of metal, while Ladle was made of plastic.

One evening, the kids were playing the dreidel game when Ladle fell off of the table and broke. The kids continued to play the dreidel game without Ladle. Well, Ladle was very sad because it felt left out of the games. Then, grandpa came for a visit along with grandma. He noticed that Ladle looked very sad and broken-hearted. He asked the grandchildren what happened. Well, grandpa was very good at fixing things. He brought Ladle home with him and opened his toolbox. Using a special glue, grandpa glued the broken pieces back together and returned Ladle back to the kids. Now all of the dreidels and kids could play together again.

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