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Why We Like Stones

Friday, September 23, 2016 posted by Joan
Love Forever Greeting Stones

Love Forever Engraved Stones

There is something rather unique about rocks and stones that is hard to describe.  Stone has the image of permanence.  Rocks bring the image of something that is hard as a rock. While diamonds are forever, they are one of the few substances hard enough to cut through stone. Cutting into stone as in a granite counter top or a personalized stone etching are examples why we need to cut stone.

Stone counter tops became popular during the latter part of the 20th century because they withstand scratches, cuts and spills.  Once the technology enabled suppliers to manufacture granite and quartz counter tops inexpensively, the business took off like a rocket ship. One major difference between granite and quartz is that quartz tops are manufactured rather than cut from a slab and do not require periodic sealing.  If you neglect to clean and protect granite, liquids will eventually seep in and ruin its finish.  Also, because quartz is manufactured, the colors will always be the same as the samples.

When you hold a stone, it feels cool to the touch. After a while, it warms up to the temperature of your hand like a good friend.  Do you have a pet rock or favorite stone?


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