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How We Celebrate Father’s Day

Friday, June 26, 2015 posted by Martin
Happy Father's Day Greeting Stones

Happy Father’s Day Engraved Stones

As with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a day when dad is the center of attention. That means no arguments or shouting. Greeting cards and gifts for dad are nice, however, being nice to dad and making it a happy day for all is even more important. Engraved business gifts are taboo on Father’s Day. Bite your tongue if something is not just perfect.

Our family got back together. We had the grandparents, mom, dad and the grandkids all together for a nice family day. Grilling is nice because there is less clean up. Desserts are easy if you live near a good baker. If not, it is an opportunity for mom to show off her talents. During 2015, the early weather forecast was for rain most of the day, however things changed. The temperatures were in the 80s and no rain. Use your camera or smart phone and record the day for all to remember. Then share the photos with everyone and on Facebook.

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