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The Baker’s Daughter

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 posted by Joan
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The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy tells the stories of Elsie, a teenager growing up in Nazi Germany during World War II, and Reba Adams, a journalist in current time.  The stories of two women, the struggles they face and must overcome to find happiness are brilliant woven together.  Hold on to one of your favorite motivational stones to help you find comfort while reading this gripping and compelling novel.

Elsie and her family are protected by her fiance, Josef, a young officer in the German Army.  However, when Elsie hides and protects a young Jewish boy, she is risking her own life as well as the life of her family.

Reba, a reporter running from her troubled past, is unable to commit to a relationship.  While writing a story about Elsie’s bakery, she learns of Elsie’s incredible story and her own life is changed forever.  The questions of loyalty and rebellion, as well as the persecution of the Jews and conflicted Germans are explored.

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