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Why Did Ancient Man Engrave In Stone?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 posted by Joan
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Engraving in stone is a tradition that began half a million years ago.  Ancient man scraped his primitive drawings on to cave walls to honor their gods and rulers. Engraved stones have been found in the caves of Africa.  Statues of the goddess of fertility, Venus, have been found in Europe.  Also, carved gemstones, cameos, have been found in Egypt before and after the Common Era.  Many cameos resemble ancient leaders such as Alexander the Great.  Engraving also symbolized wealth in ancient civilizations. It was not uncommon for wealthy individuals to have their family seals carved in a soft stone like soap stone.

Engravers in ancient time engraved to make or decorate things.  Another purpose of engraving was too record historic events. Engraving has helped modern man to understand history. In the early 1800s, the discovery of the engraved Rosetta Stone and the breaking of its code, enabled modern man to understand ancient Egyptian civilization.

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