Celebrating Your Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, August 21, 2014 posted by Joan
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Engraved Anniversary Stone

If you’ve reached your tenth anniversary, you’ve achieved a noteworthy milestone and deserve to celebrate in a special way.  Some suggestions for gifts for your first decade of marriage are:

  • Diamonds are the modern gift for a tenth anniversary.  Your wife will love any diamond gift that you choose.  Include a romantic wedding anniversary inscription.
  • Since daffodils are the traditional flowers for the tenth anniversary, include a lovely vase with a bouquet of daffodils as part of your gift.
  • A get away for two for ten days is a wonderful gift for the both of you.  It’s may be more fun to plan the destination together rather as a surprise.
  • Since tin and aluminum are the traditional tenth anniversary gifts, a new grill might be a good idea for a  a gift for your husband.
  • In keeping with the tin and aluminum theme – Remodel your kitchen replacing your appliances with new stainless steel updated ones.  Of course, include granite countertops and new or refaced kitchen cabinets.
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