Should You Celebrate an Anniversary?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 posted by Joan
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Anniversaries can be joyous occasions and celebrations that you can look forward to.  Be sure to spend time with your loved one doing something special to mark the importance of your anniversary. When planning your celebration, include an engraved remembrance with a wedding anniversary inscription which will last for many years.

However, some anniversaries can be stressful causing anxiety and negative emotions.  For example, the anniverary of the death of a loved one may cause you to feel sad although its been many years since they passed.  School reunions, might be difficult for many of us.  If you were unpopular in school, you might not want to see your classmates.  If you were attractive in school and are not looking so good now, you might not want your classmates to see you.  However, we do not have to celebrate these annivesaries.  You may choose not to participate and treat the day as any other day. Remember to take One Day At a Time.


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