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Tuesday, October 4, 2016 posted by Martin
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Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives so the USA could survive as the most respected nation in history.  While no nation can ever be perfect, we try very hard.  Our failures, of which there are many, are not institutionalized as in other countries where the citizens lack the right to object.  We respect the rights of everyone to speak their minds and to demonstrate, as long as it is non-violent and does not affect the safety of others. Nonetheless, there are those among us that believe that if anything goes wrong, we are a bad nation. Some of these folks have lots of things from money to motivational paperweights and lose touch with reality.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Ask yourselves why aliens want to become a USA citizen, but not the reverse.

It is fine to draw attention to our faults and to make things better.  However, as a veteran who was ready to give my life for my country, I believe it is wrong to trash our flag or to disrespect those that made the ultimate sacrifice and those that keep us safe.

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