The World’s Oldest Engraved Object

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 posted by Joan
feel good engraved stones

Feel Good Inspirational Stones

A small pebble made from ochre may be the world’s oldest known engraved object.  This colorful pebble was found in the Klasies River Cave in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. It is associated with human remains and artifacts from the Middle Stone Age.  The Middle Stone Age, or the Mesolithic, is the period of geological time used to describe the period  from the end of the Ice Age to the beginning of sedentary farming.

The stone measures about 3-inches in length Researchers believe that there are at least 23 engraved lines on this colorful, 100,000 year-old pebble. It is believed that the pebble split off from one of the larger engraved stones in the area.

According to the archeologists, human remains found indicate that the ochre pebble was engraved by pre-historic man. The scientists believe that man intentionally engraved the colorful  lines with a sharp implement.  Ochre is a mineral-rich, red tinted clay which is believed to be one of the first pigments used by man for artistic purposes.  The lines may have been part of a symbolic engraving that was meaningful to prehistoric humans.


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