Why Is A Fire Engine Red?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

A fire engine is red because:

  • fire engines have ladders
  • there are rungs on ladders
  • there is twelve inches between each rung
  • twelve inches makes a ruler
  • Queen Mary was a ruler
  • the Queen Mary is also a ship
  • ships sail in the sea
  • there are fish in the sea
  • fish have fins
  • the Fins battled the Reds.


And that my friend is why fire engines are red.   Also, Merry Christmas stones are red engraved stonesThey are beautifully polished and engraved river rocks with the words MERRY CHRISTMAS, and you can personalize them using a fine-tip silver permanent marker.  As opposed to ordinary Christmas cards, they will be displayed in a prominent place for many years.  Visit GreetingStones.com for more details.

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