What Can You Do With Rocks?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 posted by Joan
Engraved Rocks

Engraved River Rocks

One of the most popular uses for granite rocks is to slice then into slabs to be used for kitchen and bathroom improvements.  They add beauty and functionality to the home and one need not worry about hot pots or kitchen knives.  That is quite different from man-made counter tops which are vulnerable to accidents.  One exception is the use of man made quartz counters which have an advantage over granite.  Granite is every bit as durable, however quartz counters do not require frequent sealing as granite counters do.  Small rocks can also be engraved into engraved rocks or small statues and used for decorations.  Small rocks are also used for landscaping because it requires far less maintenance than mulch.

Then again, you will also see boulders integrated into the landscaping plan. Boulders along with foundation and specimen plants become a centerpiece of the array.  In the Southwest, many landscape projects use only small and large rocks along with cactus plants to brighten the approach to homes.  The heat is too intense to use grass and stone looks natural, especially in Arizona.

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