How To Play the Dreidel Game

Thursday, December 20, 2012 posted by Joan
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Playing with the dreidel is a Hanukkah game that is played by Jewish children all over the world. A dreidel is a pointed, four-sided top which you can spin.  There is a Hebrew letter on each of the dreidel’s four sides – nun, gimmel, hey and shin.

This is how you play the dreidel game:

  1. Each player begins the game with an equal number of game pieces (about 10-15) such as pennies, nuts, candies, chocolate gelt, etc.
  2. To start, each player puts one game piece into the pot. Also, every time the pot is empty or has only one game piece left, every player puts one piece in the pot.
  3. Each time it’s your turn, spin the dreidel once. Depending on which side faces up, you give or get game pieces from the pot:
  4. a) Nun means nothing. The player does nothing.
    b) Gimmel means all. The player gets everything in the pot.
    c) Hey means half. The player gets half of the pot. (If there is an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half of the total plus one).
    d) Shin put in The player adds a game piece to the pot.
  5. If you have no game pieces left, you are out or you may borrow from another player.
  6. When one person has won everything, that round of the game is over!

Remember to send you friends and family Hanukkah greetings during this joyous festival of lights.

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