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Tuesday, December 24, 2013 posted by Joan
Happy New Year Engraved Stones

Happy New Year Engraved Stones

It has been said that as adults, we stop growing at both ends and we are now growing in the middle.  Clever birthday greetings should be absent of soda. Most of us know that regular soda provides no nutrition, just calories from sugar and lots of dye for coloring.

Even diet sodas are a problem.  While they may not contain added sugar or corn sweeteners (linked to obesity) they have no nutritional value and are charged with carbon dioxide gas.  According to some studies, the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas might increase your appetite.  Also, lots of soda weakens your teeth and bones.

As an alternative, consider other beverages like water.  It has no nutrition, but it flushes your system and promotes healthy organs.  Rather than straight fruit juice, consider a mixture of juice and water or naturally carbonated water.  This reduces the amout of natural sugar you will ingest.

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