5 Ways To Reduce Stress

Saturday, December 28, 2013 posted by Joan
feel good engraved stones

Feel Good Inspirational Stones

Here are some ways to help you reduce stress and feel better.  Try them to see which ones work for you.

Time Management
Learn to prioritize your responsibilities, both at home and work.  Learn to say NO to those things that you just don’t want to do or simply don’t have the time for.

Massage therapy can reduce harmful levels of stress hormones while increasing levels of endorphis which will reduce everyday feelings of anxiousness.

Comfort Stones
Engraved pocket stones, that you can carry in your pocket of handbag, will help ground you when you are feeling anxious.  They should be smooth enough for you to rub the surface with you fingers.

Walking will clear your mind so that you can think of solutions to your problems. Especially walking near moving water will make you feel uplifted and refreshed.

Take Care of Yourself
Stay healthy through exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep.

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