Getting Rid of Unwanted Outdoor Flying Pests

Thursday, August 22, 2013 posted by Martin
Mission Accomplished Engraved Stones

Mission Accomplished Engraved Stones

Yellow Jackets can be a problem for both people and their pets.  Here is an easy idea to get rid of them.  Place about four to eight ounces of soda (not the diet variety) in a two liter bottle.  Leave the top off.  They will be attracted to the bottom of the bottle and be unable to find their way back out.  Also, consider a piece of ham near the bottle to attract them.  Then, just cap the bottle and discard it in the trash.

Whiteflies can be a real problem.  You take pride in your tomatoes and landscaping, but whiteflies see your plants as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Here is a simple approach to deal with them.  Whiteflies love yellow.  Just use a discarded small vegetable can and paint it bright yellow.  Then place the can on top of a stake near the plant to be protected. Don’t crush them with a personalized stone etching.  Instead, rub some petroleum jelly on the can.  The white flies will stick to it.  Presto.  No more white flies.


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