How to Pick Good Melons and Pineapples

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 posted by Martin
Good Luck Engraved Stones

Good Luck Engraved Stones

Did you ever pick out a melon or pineapple, only to be disappointed?  The answer is more than just bringing your good luck stone.  Here are some tips to make you an expert.

Pineapples that are picked too early will be tart and dry.  However, you can select a good one if you follow these simple steps.  Pick a large pineapple. Now, turn the fruit over and smell the stem end.  It should smell sweet and like a pineapple  If it does not, try another.  Good pineapples will also be a little squeezable with no mushy spots.

To select a good cantaloupe, use the same approach as with pineapples.  The top, bottom and sides  should be a little soft.  The melon smell is very important.  Honeydews are different.  Usually, the smell test does not work well.  Instead look for a smooth undamaged almost rubbery skin.  This melon should be squeezable at the top and bottom.  If it is not, the meat will be hard and only the very middle will be sweet.  As an alternative, also consider a canary melon. They look and taste like honeydews but have a yellow color skin.

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