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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 posted by Martin
Motivational Greeting Stone

Motivational Greeting Stone

The orphanage takes care of 100 children.  Easter will be here soon, and Sister Mary was  asked to go to the candy store and buy exactly 100 pieces of candy for the kids.  Chocolate bunnies cost $10 each.  Chocolate pigs cost $3 and chocolate chicks cost fifty cents.  Sister Mary MUST BUY AT LEAST ONE OF EACH TYPE OF CANDY.  She is given $100 and must spend all of it.  How many bunnies, pigs and chicks does she buy?

Sister Mary solved this business problem and received a beautiful engraved motivational paperweight for her efforts.  Can you solve this problem?


Five chocolate bunnies at a cost of $50, one chocolate pig at a cost of $3 and 94 chocolate chicks at a cost of $47.  Amazing.  She got 100 pieces and spent exactly $100.  Congratulations if you also solved  the problem.  We will have more challanging problems from time to time.

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