Helping Those In Recovery

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 posted by Martin
Inspirational Greeting Stone

Greeting Stone

People are faced with many recovery challenges from the loss of a loved one to addiction.  There are no simple answers because people are complex and the challenges they face are complex.  Some need more help than others, but everyone needs some degree of help.  The clergy is often used as a source of comfort, however, in most cases, their help is limited.  Professional help from trained counselors is usually your best answer.  Even then, the challenge can be great and success can be a struggle.

Folks that are trying to lose weight soon learn that 50 pounds might be your goal; however, 50 pounds might seem like an unachievable goal.  Short term goals work better than long term goals. There are two words that are unimportant.  Those words are yesterday and tomorrow.  The important words are today and now. People faced with addiction may have temporary success, but slip back.  That is why AA developed the slogan “One Day At  A Time“.   It applies not only to alcoholics, but to everyone dealing with recovery.  The question is how can you help your friend or family member facing a recovery challenge?  We suggest you consider the words “One Day At  A Time” as appropriate help.  Greeting Stones offers pocket stones for those in recovery to keep with them.  The look and feel of the stone will remind one that this is the best way to achieve recovery.


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