Small Engraved Business Gifts

Friday, March 10, 2017 posted by Joan

Engraved Merry Christmas Stones

Most of us love to give and receive gifts.  Some gifts can be small and inexpensive such as a gift of flowers for no occasion or reason except to say I love you.  Some gifts like jewelry can be expensive, but are worn constantly like an engagement ring.  However, business gifts are different.  Expensive gifts such as trips are not really gifts.  They can be viewed as kickbacks for services rendered.  Although politicians might receive expensive gifts from lobbyists, ultimately, they can lead to trouble and embarrassment.  The same is true for business associates where conflict of interest policies are in effect.  Something small like simple engraved business gifts of less than $50 are more appropriate.

Holiday cards to business associates lets them know that you appreciate their trust in you. There may be no other gift required.  Another idea is to always wish them a happy birthday.  Where lunches are appropriate, it gives you the opportunity to talk with them and enjoy their company.  Whatever you do for business gifting, be aware and be careful.




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