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Saturday, February 9, 2013 posted by Martin
Success Motivational Stone

Success Engraved Stones

One of the most important objectives in owning a website is to get people to find you.  Another very important objective is to have people investigate your site because they find it interesting.  Our company began our presence on the web during 2011 however, our bounce rate (people leaving without looking at our products or content) was very high.  How did we solve this problem?

Fortunately, we were working with Richard Siegal of Nexus Software Systems.  We turned to Richard for his advice and he had the correct answers.  He suggested that we convert from the existing underlying platform we were using to our current PrestaShop platform.  Then Nexus put their creativity to work to make the home page look and feel interesting.  Colors are now more attractive as well as the inner workings of the programs.  As a result of these changes, our bounce rate is now less than 1/3 of our previous experience.  Thank you Richard.  Greeting Stones appreciates the great help you provided.  Now, folks looking for engraved business gifts, pocket stones or motivational paperweights will easily be able to find us.

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