Writing a Business Thank You Note

Saturday, December 22, 2012 posted by Joan
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When you receive a gift from a business associate, client, or employer, a thank you note is appropriate. Send the note as soon as you can after receiving the present.  A day or two is best, but it should be sent within one week.

Here are some hints that will help you compose the note:

  • Avoid sending thank you notes by email.  Write a thank you note by hand to keep it personal.
  • The greeting that you choose should be based on your relationship with the gifter.  How do you usually greet him or her?  If you have a formal relationship with the person, use a formal greeting such as Dear Mrs. Harris.  However, if you usually refer to her by her first name, begin your thank you note with Dear Mary.
  • In the body of your note, thank the person for the gift and include a sentence about how you will use the gift.  For example,  Thank you for the engraved business giftsThe gift bowl of engraved rocks, with motivational sentiments, not only looks great on my desk but inspires me to face the everyday obstacles that we encounter.
  • Conclude the note with a sentence about your business relationship with the person. For example, I look forward to continuing our close working relationship.
  • Close the note with thanks again or sincerely.
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