At A Loss For Words

Saturday, March 24, 2012 posted by Martin
Greeting Stones Celebration Stone

A Greeting Stone

Sometimes, we are at a loss for words.  While there is always the standard –  Roses Are Red cliche, we want something more original.  That is one reason why when we want to say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or I Love You, many folks purchase greeting cards because someone has already gone to the trouble of  finding the right words.

If you search the Internet, there are lots of sites with words for sale.  You might  find exactly what you are looking for there.  If you visit the Greeting Stones website, the home page has a link to a  page called Sentiment Ideas.  It  is free and might just have what you are looking for.  They add to their phrases often so if you don’t find what you need today, look again next month.   Also, they sell often used phrases used on greeting cards, but these are engraved pocket stones.

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