Why Is June Called June?

Thursday, May 23, 2013 posted by Martin
Friends Forever Engraved Rocks

Friend Forever Engraved Stones

The derivative of the name of the month, June, comes from the Roman Goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage.  June is the sixth month in the Georgean calendar. It is one of the four months with only 30 days.

In the northern hemisphere June has more daylight than any of the other months.  Think about this.   In New York City, at the start of the summer period, daylight arrives before 5 AM.  However, New York is on daylight savings time which means that daylight actually arrives before 4 AM.  The length of the day is accentuated as you travel further north.  Therefore, in northern Alaska, there is almost no period of complete darkness during June.  The reverse is true during December, where there is very little sunshine because the days are so short.

June is the time of year to get together with your friends and family.  Consider a personalized stone etching as a gift yor your best friend this June.


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