Why Is September Called September?

Monday, August 26, 2013 posted by Joan


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In Latin, septem means seven and septimus means seventh.  Before January and February were added to the modern Julian Calendar, September was the seventh month of the old Roman calendar until 46 BC.   Therefore, September was then called September because it was in fact the seventh month of the year.  In contrast to several of the other months of the year, it was not named for anyone.

September is a very popular month because in the Northern Hemisphere, the ocean waters are warm from the summer months and the air  temperatures may still be comfortable for swimming.  Folks guided by the school calendar tend to cease their travel plans.  If you are not effected by the school calendar, pick September for travel.  Usually, the weather is delightful and the crowds have thinned out. The USA and Europe make great vacation spots. While you are there, pick up a few beautiful motivational stones.  Also, consider September if outdoor wedding plans and a honeymoon are on your agenda.

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