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Hanukkah Greetings

Saturday, December 14, 2013 posted by Joan
Engraved Happy Hankkah River Stones

FREE Engraved Hanukkah Stone

Thinking of Hanukkah greetings to add to your notes, cards and gifts is a challenge for many of us.  Here are some suggestions that may help  Give engraved Hanukkah stones instead of  greeting cards to those special people in your life.  Greeting Stones are the greeting cards that last forever because they are engraved in stone.   So, say Happy Hanukkah with a stone this year.  Your friends and family will treasure them for many years and always think of you.

May this time of celebration be especially joyful for you.

May you be belessed
with all the best things in life
at Hanukkah and always.

Wishing you happiness
at Hanukkah
and throughout the year ahead.

Eat, Light, and Be Merry
Happy Hanukkah

Wishing you a joyous
Festival of Lights.

Wishing you all the joys
of this shining season
as we welcome Hanukkah once again.

May you be blessed
with Peace, Love and Prosperity.
Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah –
a time of believing
in miracles then …
… and now


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Christmas Greetings

Thursday, December 12, 2013 posted by Joan
FREE Engraved Christmas Stone

FREE Engraved Christmas Stone

When signing a Christmas card or note, do you have difficulty adding a few words of your own? Whether you’re signing a holiday card, writing your Christmas letter or giving an inspirational paperweight, these Christmas messages will help you.

Sincerest wishes for hope, happiness
and peace during this Holiday Season
and throughout the coming year.

Give charity, spread some smiles
and bring cheer to hearts
Its Christmas time.

With all Good Wishes
for Christmas and the New Year.

May the Christmas season
fill your home with joy,
your heart with love
and your life with laughter.

Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas
and a New Year bright with joy and success.

May the joy of Christmas
be with you throughout the year!

Warm greetings and best wishes
for happiness and good luck in the coming year!

We wish you the special gifts of this holiday season – Peace, Joy and Lasting Happiness.

Our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 posted by Joan
Happy Birthday Greeting Stone

Happy Birthday Engraved Stones

There are all kinds of stones from the Rocky Mountains to engraved stones to the most precious stones of all, diamonds. It is the birthstone for the month of April. Their value is as fine jewelry and an easily transportable form of currency.   Their valuation is also worldwide.  Some tourist traps feature discounts on diamonds.   Don’t believe it!  There is a fairly uniform price for diamonds at retail and wholesale.  Some jewelers travel to far off places to get a better prices, but you won’t.

Diamonds are the hardest stones on the planet.  Most are not of gem quality and are used for industrial purposes. The value of gem quality diamonds is determined by cut, color carat and clarity.  Some folks only pay attention to the carat weight.  Big mistake!  The value of a diamond is guided by its brilliance.  The other Cs determine the brilliance of the stone.    Look for GIA certified stones to ensure you get what you pay for.  SI1 and SI2 diamonds are popular because they are cheaper.  Look for color F or better and VVS modern cut stones for brilliance and future worth

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Recipes for Two Diabetic Lo-Cal Desserts

Sunday, December 8, 2013 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

FREE Engraved  Christmas Stone

Even though diabetics should eliminate added sugars from their diets, they still enjoy a sweet treat.  Here are two delicious desserts that are quick and easy to prepare. Then get out of the house, take a walk through the mall for about 45 minutes and be sure to pick up some engraved river stones for the holidays.

Vanilla Pumpkin Pudding

Takes about 5 minutes to make and you’ll make it often.


6 ounces of yogurt, nonfat, vanilla, with artificial sweeteners
1/3 cup pumpkin, canned 100% pure pumpkin puree (without added sugar)
dash ground cinnamon 1 tablespoon chopped  walnuts (optional)


In a small bowl, blend the yogurt, pumpkin, and cinnamon. Top with nuts (optional).

Chocolate Protein Pudding

Takes about 5 minutes to make and you’ll make it often.


6 ounces nonfat, vanilla yogurt (Greek Style preferred)
2 teaspoon  unsweetened cocoa powder


Add cocoa powder to yogurt and stir vigorously until well mixed.

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Selling Gold

Friday, December 6, 2013 posted by Martin
Success Motivational Stone

Success Engraved Stones

There are numerous scams out there to cheat you when you sell your unwanted jewelry.  These are a few of the ways they will try to cheat you.

1. Their scales are rigged.  When selling, they neglect to deduct the correct tare making it appear that the piece weighs less.

2. There are several types of gold.  24kt is pure gold.  18kt is 75% gold.  14kt is 58.33 % gold and 10kt is 41% pure gold.  Sometimes the buyer rounds down the percentages.  Example:  if you sell 16 grams of 18kt gold (about 1/2 troy ounce) and gold is worth $1500 per ounce,  it is worth 1/2 x 75% or about $562.50.

3. Your gold may have precious stones as well.  Remove the stones and value separately.

4. Deal only with a reputable gold buyer.   Avoid hotels and other temporary locations in case they make a math error in their favor.

6. The spot price for gold is available on the net.  Expect to get no less than 95% of the gold value when selling.

Suggestion: Sell your old broken pocket watches and replace them with pocket stones.

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The Stone Pony

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

There are no stones at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Many famous musical celebs got there start here including Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.  For this reason alone, unknown bands want to play here to get exposure and hopefully to make it big.

Before it became an icon music venue, the building was called Mrs. Jay’s.  During 1991, the Stone Pony filed for bankruptcy because of a series of drunk driving lawsuits.  Nonetheless, because of its importance to the music world and its iconic status, it is still around.  Talk of closing the establishment spurred music lovers to keep it open.

The club was renovated in 2000, preserving the character associated with its early years. An art exhibition and artifacts from the history of the city are there for all to see.  If you plan to be in or near the Jersey Shore, plan to stop by for a visit. You won’t find any engraved pocket stones or ponies, but you will bring back some great photos.

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How Can Herbal Tea Help You Feel Good?

Monday, December 2, 2013 posted by Joan
feel good engraved stones

Feel Good Inspirational Stones

Looking at the motivational paperweights on my desk and reading inspirational quotes online help improve my feeling on well-being and lift my spirits.  Also, try a cup of herbal tea to help you feel better.  If you have a headache, feel anxious, can’t sleep or suffer from allergies, a cup of delicious herbal tea can help.

    • Chamomile tea contains an amino acid that acts as a mild sedative.  Drinking a warms cup of chamomile tea before bedtime will help you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
    • Passionflower tea has the flavone chrysin which has anti-anxiety benefits. Try a cup to help keep you calm.
    • Ginger tea works to stop the pain at the onset of a headache.  It contains an anti-inflammatory agent which reduces the swelling of the brain.  Drinking a cup of ginger tea will work like an aspirin..
    • Nettle tea contains a natural antihistamine and can prevent or reduce allergy attacks.  It also relieves allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, stuffed head and itchy eyes.
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