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Engraved Stone Gifts

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 posted by Joan
Engraved stones gift bowl

Engraved Stones Gift Bowl

Although diamonds are forever, they are extremely expensive gifts.  However stone is considerably cheaper and also lasts forever.  Consider engraved stones or rocks as a gift. You can find pre-engraved stones with sentiments that might be appropriate for your needs at  You can add your own words to most smooth stones using a fine-point permanent marker. Another option is custom stone engraving that will allow you personalize your stone with your own word or phrase.  There are many sources for custom engraving listed on the web.

What size stone should you choose?  Large stones are the perfect addition to a garden.  Smaller stones are wonderful as paperweights, gifts or keepsakes.  Small stones are popular as good luck stones to carry with you in your pocket or purse.

Engraved stones serve many purposes.  They are comforting for those who are ill or feeling sad since they express your love and concern.  They help those facing a difficult challenge to keep their focus. Also, engraved stones are unique greetings for celebrations, holidays and occasions.  They are the greeting cards that last forever.

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Social Security Thieves

Monday, August 12, 2013 posted by Martin
Leave No Stone Unturned Business Gifts

Leave No Stone Unturned Business Gifts

My working days are over, and I no longer get paychecks or give engraved business gifts.  Today, I receive Social Security and my pension. The bad thing is that there is a new form of Social Security identity theft and if you are not careful, it could effect you.

How does it happen?  Someone creates an online Social Security account as if they were me.  Then, they change my official address and banking information.  Instead of the direct deposit going into my confirmed bank account, the money goes into a prepaid debit card.  In my case, SSA (Social Security Administration) confirmed the changes with me to ensure that there is no fraud however they sent the confirmation to the new address, not to the old address.  Unfortunately, the SSA folks not familiar with this scam, don’t know what to do when you report it.  It took the help of my congressman to get the money back.  Be smart.  Contact SSA in advance and put a block on your account.  You will avoid unnessary grief.  Learn from my bad experience, and please share this with anyone collecting Social Security.

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Future Interest Rates

Saturday, August 10, 2013 posted by Martin
Success Motivational Stone

Success Engraved Stones

No one knows for sure where interest rates will be two years from now, but the majority of professionals seem to think they will be higher.  If they are correct, certain things are likely to follow, and it will affect you and your finances.

As interest rates go higher, the value of bonds and other yield instruments will drop making long term debt investments a losing proposition.  Treasuries, corporate bonds, most preferred stocks and even some utilities will fall in value.  This is distressing because many folks have taken on additional risk to get higher interest rates today.  Don’t worry about certificates of deposit and short term instruments.  If you need cash, you can borrow against them, however plan to ride out the storm and just collect on them when they mature.  If these advisors are correct, you should avoid purchasing long term debt instruments today.  One consideration is to purchase prime large cap dividend payers that have a history of growth and increasing dividends.  Check this out with your financial advisor to find out what is best for you.  If you’re not sure what to do, maybe a good luck stone will help.


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What To Do Each Day Of The Week

Thursday, August 8, 2013 posted by Martin
Be Happy Greeting Stones

Be Happy Engraved Stones

You need a plan to organize your week. You won’t need message stones if you remember this.  Here are my suggestions for seniors.

Sunday  is on the weekend and the day the sun is out, so lay out and enjoy the sun.

Monday is the best day to check out the moon, so grab a telescope and watch the moon carefully.

Tuesday is the day you want to be spending time with your spouse or significant other.  It just for the two of you. Remember Tuesday is for two.

Wednesday is a great day to get married or to go to a wedding, so allocate Wednesday for weddings.

Thursday is the day for drinking.  Be it water, beer, soda or something stronger.  Just remember Thursday is thirst day.

Friday is the day of the week for eating fried foods.  Fried fish, eggs, bacon or sausages are really great on Friday.

An then there is Saturday.  What do you think you should do on Saturday?  Right.  That is the day for sitting around.  Remember, no work gets done on Saturday.

Is this the silliest thing you ever read?

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How To Engrave Stones

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 posted by Martin
Be Happy Greeting Stones

Be Happy Engraved Stones

As with most things, technology improves the way we do things.  The result is a better finished product at a lower cost.  The same is true about stone engraving.    Think of the artifacts from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras.  How have things changed?

Engraved stones result from an ancient activity where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone. Owing to the permanence of the material, stone work has survived which was created during ancient times.  Soft stone such as limestone or sandstone was used.  Carving stone into sculpture is an activity older than civilization itself. Prehistoric sculptures were often human forms.  Today, powered pneumatic hammers make the hard work easier. Air hammers place many thousands of impacts per minute upon the end of the tool. These tools can shave the stone, providing a smooth and consistent stroke.

Today, there are two main stone carving chisels:

  • Heat treated high carbon steel tools – Generally forged
  • Tungsten carbide tipped tools – Generally forged, slotted, and carbide inserts brazed in to provide a harder and      longer-wearing cutting edge.

Why not try it?

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Celebrating Friendship Day

Monday, August 5, 2013 posted by Joan
Friends Forever Engraved Rocks

Friend Forever Engraved Stones

The first Sunday in August is Friendship Day.  It’s a fun and happy day for all to celebrate their relationships.  According to the research, the tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in the United States in 1935. Gradually the day has become more popular.  How will you spend the day?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Start the day by going to breakfast with a special friend.
  • Contact some old friends and make plans to see them soon.
  • Catch up with some of your current friends.
  • Plan a get together for some of your friends today or another day soon.  You can meet at your home or at a restaurant for lunch of dinner.
  • Look for an opportunity to make a new friend today and everyday.
  • Send your closest friends a special greeting.  Perhaps an email, handwritten note or an engraved stone.  Greeting Stones are unique keepsakes that remind your friends you are thinking about them.  Give them to your loved ones as Christmas and Hanukkah greetings too.
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How To Treat Poison Ivy

Saturday, August 3, 2013 posted by Martin
feel good engraved stones

Feel Good Inspirational Stones

Poison Ivy is active during the summer months and an outbreak can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious complications.  Poison Ivy can be identified by its three leaf cluster which is green during summer and red during the winter. Here are some ideas to remember if you should come in contact.

  • Immediately, cleanse exposed skin with rubbing alcohol and rinse with water.  As soon as possible, shower with soap and water.
  • Poison Ivy contains an allergy causing resin called urushiol.  This resin can be removed from clothing and shoes by cleaning them with a mixture of alcohol and water.
  • Make sure that you are wearing rubber gloves when doing this and dispose of the gloves in a plastic grocery bag.
  • Do not scratch and spread it.  After treating the reaction, get prompt medical assistance.

After overcoming Poison Ivy, reward yourself with an inspirational paperweight.  This is valuable information.  Please pass it along to family and friends.

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Safe Email For Kids

Thursday, August 1, 2013 posted by Joan
Engraved Motivational Stones

Engraved Motivational Stones

What’s the right age for your child to have an email account?  When you decide your child is ready for email, these guidelines will help keep him/her child safe.

  • Email is only permitted with people you know and trust. Tell your child that you will be reviewing his/her emails.
  • Access to email is limited to one family computer.
  • Discuss what is okay to write in an email and what should be spoken in person or over the phone. Emails should not contain anything that is time sensitive or emotionally charged. communication.
  • Your child can only open emails from people they know.  If your child does not know the person who sent the email, he/she should show the email to you.
  • Your child  cannot use email to sign up for anything.  No social networking or online shopping allowed.
  • Limit your child’s access to checking email to once or twice a day.

These guidelines are only a start.  Unlike engraved river stones, they are not written in stone.  As your child uses email, you will need to monitor what’s happening and adjust the rules.

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