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Celebrate National Pet Week

Thursday, May 9, 2013 posted by Martin
I love my dog engraved stones

I Love My Dog Engraved Stones

Pets enrich our lives every day and are wonderful companions. Here are some suggestions to help you Celebrate National Pet Week, the second week in May:

  • Exercise your pet.
  • Discipline your pet by positive reinforcement.
  • Schedule regular visits to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations.
  • Provide good nutrition for your pet.
  • Give your pets appropriate toys to provide them with a challenge and eliminate boredom.
  • Make good grooming a priority for your pet.
  • Provide socialization for your pet with other animals and people.
  • Giving your pet time and love are the most important things you can do to provide a happy and healthy home for your pet.

If you are not a pet parent, you can still celebrate National Pet Week. Consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter in your area.  If this is not possible, animal shelters are always in need of volunteers and donations.  Also, remember to  show your appreciation for pet parents.  Give them a small gift, like a good luck stone, to remind them of their love for their pet.

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Why is May Called May?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 posted by Martin


Engraved stones gift bowl

Greeting Stones Gift Bowl

As with other months, May gets its name from a Greek god.  The month May was named for the Greek goddess Maia who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility. A festival was held each May. However, the Roman poet Ovid provides a second etymology, in which he says that the month of May is named for the maiores, Latin for “elders,” and that the following month (June) is named for the iuniores, or “young people.”May is one of five months with 31 days and is one of the most popular months for weddings.  Perhaps this is so because people wait for warmer weather to have their celebrations. In the southern hemisphere, May is equivalent to the month of November in the northern hemisphere.  May is a good month to go fishing or hiking.  While out in the wilderness, see if you can find some perfect stones so you can turn them into engraved stones.  They make great gifts.


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Showing Appreciation For Teachers

Sunday, May 5, 2013 posted by Joan
Thank You Engraved Stone

Thank You Engraved Stone

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday of the first week of May is National Teacher Day. Teachers make a real difference in the lives of our children. Here are some ways to show the teachers in your school how much they are appreciated.

  • Have a special luncheon to honor your teachers.
  • Put special quotes, notes and message stones in teachers’ mailboxes daily.
  • Buy space in a local newspaper to thank teachers in your school and share some of the wonderful things they do.
  • Parents and children can write letters to staff…then deliver them.
  • Post a “WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS” banner inside or outside school.
  • Decorate and “spruce up” the teacher’s room over night as a surprise.
  • Offer to wash staff cars while they work.
  • Have students share why their teacher is special each day of the week over the loudspeaker.
  • Host a breakfast for the staff.
  • Volunteer to help a teacher in the classroom.  There are always copies to be made, bulletin boards to be decorated and other tasks that you could help with.
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Celebrate May With Your Kids

Friday, May 3, 2013 posted by Joan

Celebrate the special days in May with your children.  Here are some suggestions:


Mother’s Day Engraved Stones

May 7 – National Teacher Day
Talk with your child about why his/her teacher is special.  Help your child draw a picture, write a story or poem thanking their teacher.  A small gift, like an inspirational paperweight, or homemade card would also be appreciated.

May 12 – Mother’s Day
Make this day special for mom by making her a homemade gift and card.  Make sure mom can relax by getting along with your siblings and helping mom in anyway you can.

May 25 – National Missing Children’s Day
Spend some time teaching children about stranger danger.  Role play with your kids using different scenarios.

May 27 – Memorial Day
Fly the flag.  Make flags from construction paper, stars and pop sticks.  Teach your children the words to a patriotic song like the Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful.

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Grandma Quotes

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 posted by Joan
Love Greeting Stones

I Love Grandma Engraved Stones

With families living apart, grandmas frequently feel neglected on their birthdays and holidays.  Make your grandmother feel special by spending time with her if possible.  If not, call her and visit over the phone frequently.  Remember to send her thoughtful gifts and birthday, Mother’s Day Christmas or Hanukkah greetings.  Add your own sentiment or message.  Here are some quotes about grandmothers that will help inspire you:

“Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.” – Author Unknown

“A house needs a grandma in it.” – Louisa May Alcott

“A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.” – Author Unknown

“A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.” – Author Unknown

“Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.” – Author Unknown

“There’s no place like home except Grandma’s.” – Author Unknown

“It’s such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother – that’s why the world calls her grandmother.” – Author Unknown

“Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while…..but our hearts forever.” – Author Unknown

“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” – Italian Proverb

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