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Lucky 11

Thursday, September 29, 2011 posted by Joan
Greeting Stones Motivational Stone

From Greeting Stones Motivational Stones

Do you have a lucky number?  My lucky number is 11 for these reasons.  My older daughter was born on January 1 (1-1) and married on October 11.  My younger daughter’s birthday is September 11, and my granddaughter’s birthday is August 11.  My grandson was born in November, the 11th month.

Recently, we were visiting with friends in Las Vegas.  Of course, my trip  included a visit to the roulette table.  Which number do you think I bet on?  You’re right, lucky 11.  Although, I felt lucky and had positive thoughts, 11 didn’t come up.  Sure, it was a disapointment, but I quickly realized why I didn’t win.  I didn’t have my YOU’RE A WINNER stone!  So there’s only one thing to do.  Add this motivational stone to my travel list for next year’s trip to Vegas.


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Camel Stones

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 posted by Joan
From Greeting Stones

From Greeting Stones Inspiration Collection

When you think of Phoenix, which rock formation comes to mind?  You would probably say Camelback Mountain.  Even if you’ve never been to Phoenix, you’ve probably heard that name.  While visiting friends in Phoenix last week,  we couldn’t stop looking at the majestic mountain surrounding the city.  Why is it called Camelback?  When viewed from the south, the mountain’s profile looks like a reclining camel.  You can see the head and neck of the camel on the west end, and the higher hump is the eastern part of the peak.

While looking at this hugh rock formation, I felt the small camel-colored, engraved stone in my pocket.  Where do you think this  pocket stone came from.  Could it have broken off from Camelback Mountain?  When?  How far did it travel and along which river?  It has a long and interesting story, but one that we can only guess about.  What is your guess?


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How Do You Get a Positive Attitude?

Friday, September 23, 2011 posted by Joan
Inspirational Greeting Stone

Inspirational Greeting Stone

According to experts, optimistic people appear to recover faster from surgery, have less heart disease and better mental health than pessimists.  Studies show that optimists live longer than pessimists and enjoy a higher quality of life.

So, how do you become an optimist?

  • You can learn to become an optimist by recognizing and then getting rid of negative thoughts.  Talking yourself into a more positive approach will help.
  • Stress reduction approaches such as yoga and T’ai Chi really help.
  • Writing about stressful events, like keeping a journal to record your thoughts and feelings,  might help you.
  • Social involvment will make you feel better although it may be difficult at first.  One of the best ways to start is by volunteering to help others.  Joining a local group, such as a book club, computer club, exercise class, etc.,  is another way.
  • Display pictures of your friends and family around your home.  Keep personalized gifts, like gifts with your name or initials or a stone engraving with an  inscription, in a favorite spot to remind you the special person you gave it to you.

Did any of these strategies help you develop a more positive attitude?  I would love to hear about your experiences.

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What’s Good and Bad About Greeting Cards?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Celebration Stone

From Greeting Stone's Celebration Collection

Years ago, folks used to write a note or letter when other folks were celebrating an occasion like a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, etc.  During the early part of the 20th century, post cards became popular as the forerunner of the greeting card.  Then, the founder of Hallmark, decided that if they sold a Christmas card with a sentiment already written, people would buy it.  Things expanded to other celebrations and soon after World War II, the Hall folks (Hallmark) got the greeting card industry started.  The business was so successful that the competition evolved and presto, the greeting card industry.

By the turn of the 21st century, somebody smart decided that E-cards would be a good idea because they are cheap since there is no postage, printing or large overhead involved.  They were immediately popular.  The problem with both greeting cards and E-cards is that most people toss them soon after reading them.  Then in 2011, a new product evolved  – a Greeting Stone.  While most people toss cards, they don’t toss gifts especially engraved stones And that is the idea behind Greeting Stones.


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Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

Monday, September 19, 2011 posted by Joan
For dog lovers

Greeting Stones - Love Stones Collection

How do dogs celebrate their birthdays?   They need our help.  First, plan a party for your dog with several of your pup’s closest friends.   Remember to send out invitations to the dogs and their parents.  Next, make sure you make or buy doggie decorations and don’t forget the dog party hats. Of course, your dog must have an extra-special hat.  Then, find that special birthday gift for your dog.  Some suggestions are:  dog beer, dog wine, dog birthday cake and doggie ice cream.  If you need help finding these treats just surf the web.   Now, what’s a dog party without dog games?   Well, there’s always dog Frisbee, dog throw, swimming in the pool and a dog obstacle course.

Your guests might bring gifts for your puppy.  Some might even bring a gift for you like a dog mug, dog frame or an engraved pocket stone for dog lovers.  These are some ideas for making your dog’s birthday speciall; but I’m sure your ideas are even better.  I’d like to read your comment about a dog party that you were involved in.

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Do You Have a Good Luck Stone?

Saturday, September 17, 2011 posted by Joan
Motivational Greeting Stone

Greeting Stone

My good luck stone is a gem-like, tan river stone engraved with the  words Good Luck.  I got it from my good friend, Julie,  when I moved to Chicago from Vermont.  I was feeling feeling lonely and sad being so far away from everyone I knew.  As soon as I saw my gift stone, my mood immediately changed.  It made me think about all my wonderful friends and family members at home making me feel happy and loved.  Suddenly, I had the desire and confidence to get involved in my new town.   Soon, I began volunteering at the soup kitchen, joined a gym and took an adult education class.  I was out there meeting new people and having new experiences.

As I hold my special good luck stone, I think  how happy I am.  A year has passed. I now have a great circle of friends, a wonderful boyfriend and I even got a promotion at work.  Do you have lucky stone?  I would love to hear about it and how it brought you good luck.




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What Are Greeting Stones?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 posted by Joan
Greeting Stones Gift Shop

Gift Bowl Assortment

Greeting Stones are natural engraved river stones designed to bring pleasure to their recipients.  The stones we use are created by Mother Earth. They are removed from dried up Chinese river beds and brought to the plant where they are sorted by color, shape and size, in much the same way as natural pearls are sorted.  Only premium stones which are free of cracks and holes are chosen to become Greeting Stones.

The selected stones are re-examined, washed and placed in a polishing machine where they are waxed and polished for up to ninety hours until they reach a high luster.  Then, they are engraved by skilled workers using an engraving machine to make a deep cut in the stones.  Finally, the letters are painted with contrasting colors according to our high standards and re-examined before being packed for shipment to the United States.  At last, we have genuine Greeting Stones that will bring many years of pleasure to the lucky people who receives them.

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Are You a Winner?

Monday, September 12, 2011 posted by Joan
You're A Winner Greeting Stone

From Greeting Stones Motivational Collection

While looking at the engraved rock sitting on my desk, YOU’RE A WINNER, I began thinking about the winners who I know, such as:

  • The autistic student, who  graduated from college, and is now working  as a computer technician.
  •  My friend who is now walking after serious spinal surgery although the doctors thought she would never walk again.
  • My retired neighbors who are successfully marketing a new product.

Although these people may not be celebrity winners, they have  demonstrated the attitude and drive of real winners.

Do you have what it takes to be a winnner?

  • Are you a risk taker?
  • Do you take a proactive approach to life and work hard to find opportunities?
  • Do you set purpose-filled goals?
  • Is personal development a priority?
  • Are you a hard worker who perseveres and does not give up easily?

Think like a winner!  It’s possible to move into the Winner’s Circle.  In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.”   Do you want to win?

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Away at College

Friday, September 9, 2011 posted by Joan

It seems like only yesterday that Julie started first grade.  I can clearly remember how anxious I was as she got on the school bus.  Would she like her teacher?  Would she make a friend?  Well now, twelve years later, Julie is a college freshman living away from home for the first time. This is a stressful experience for both of us.  What can I do to help her make the transition to independent living on a busy college campus?  Of course, I’ve received advice from my family and friends.  But, I know my daughter better than they do.  I’ll feel better when I know she is coping with this adjustment.

So, this is my plan:

  • Arrange regular calling time with her.  Of course, she can email, call or text whenever she feels the need.
  • Send her something that she can hold on to like a Teddy Bear, an Inspirational Stone, etc.  Stay in contact with her during the tough times.  In the end, it’s all about her knowing that you’re always there for her.  How do you deal with being separated from your children?
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The Perfect Gift For Your Special Friend

Thursday, September 8, 2011 posted by Joan

Finding the perfect gift for a special friend means much more than spending a lot of money or just choosing a trendy gift.   What’s almost as good as a big hug and kiss?   There are new personalized friendship gifts which is perfect for your special friends.  They are Greeting Stones!   They are highly polished and almost gem-like engraved natural river stones that are carefully selected according to very high standards.  Because they are designed by Mother Nature, each Greeting Stone is unique just like each friendship.

When your friend receives a Greeting Stone with the inscription FRIENDS FOREVER, he or she will be reminded of that special bond that you share.  It’s like being there to give your friend a smile.  Write a message on it and your friend will think of you when he/she sees and feels the stone.  This inexpensive keepsake is a priceless reminder of the value of your friendship.

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