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Steps to Motivation and Goal Setting

Friday, July 21, 2017 posted by Joan
Success Motivational Stones

Success Engraved Stones

It takes more than a few motivational paperweights to motivate and set goals for ourselves.  Here is the framework to keep in mind when approaching this worthwhile mission:

  1. Examine yourself honestly and sincerely
  2. Write down your personal values
  3. Understand the goal setting process
  4. Establish an action plan
  5. Maintain discipline
  6. Be flexible when necessary

Goals are conceptional.  They define where you would like to be.  As an example, don’t say I want more money.  Say I want a million dollars of assets within five years from today.  Or, say I want my own home within five years.

Determine if you are a follower or a leader.  Do you solve problems, or just identify them?  Remember, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand the cause.  For example, if you are a smoker and want to quit, you must first understand why you smoke.  It is hard to just say I will quit.  The same is true if you are obese.  One you identify the cause, it is much easier to solve the problem with self-help or professional help.

More ideas to follow.

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Determining Your Personal Values

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 posted by Joan
Be Happy Greeting Stones

Be Happy Engraved Stones

Sometimes it is hard to self-determine your own personal values.  You should assess yourself and feedback from others.  Inspirational stones or personal pride won’t do it alone.  Stop, look and listen.  A wise man once said that you can learn more from listening and observing than you can by talking.  Here are some thoughts to help assess those values:

Values are your most important fundamental beliefs.  They provide you with structure to guide you through your life.  As an example, if things go wrong, are you bitter about it or are you more determined than ever to overcome life’s hurdles.  What is your attitude toward others?  What moral issues are most important to you?  What do see as your obligations to your family, friends, community and those less fortunate than you?  Are you able to learn from others that you admire and respect or are you jealous of them?

You need to have a strong work ethic.  Having fun is great, but it should not be at the core of your ambitions.  Fun should be the reward for accomplishing your goals.

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Watch Out for Florida Drivers

Friday, June 2, 2017 posted by Martin
Inspirational Greeting Stones

Inspirational Stones

As a resident of southeast Florida since 2006, I have seen it all when it comes to Florida drivers.  The problems are not restricted to older drivers.  Sometimes I think they have engraved rocks in their heads instead of logic.  Some drivers think they are the only ones on the road and can do whatever they want without regard for other drivers.  Here are some examples:

  • Drivers make right turns from the left lane
  • Drivers make left turns from the right lane
  • Rather than stop for a traffic light, they drive through the intersection on the yellow, and even make left turns on the red signal so they won’t have to stop
  • Some drivers barely slow down at a stop sign, let alone stop at a stop sign.
  • Some drivers exceed the speed limit by more than 30 MPH on limited access roads and weave in and out of traffic like they are driving in the Indy 500
  • Some drivers open their doors in cities without looking to see if a vehicle is approaching
  • Some drivers drive diagonally across lanes of traffic in mall parking lots.

When you drive in Florida, watch out for these folks.

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Why use Charity Navigator Website?

Friday, May 26, 2017 posted by Joan

One Day at a Time Inspirational Stones

Some of us are destined for greatness as was the case of Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa.  Others are very successful as measured by celebrity status and wealth.  Most of us are just ordinary folks who live our lives with friends and family trying to deal with everyday problems.  To be inspired to do things for others still makes us important, even though we are not household names.  Inspirational stones can make the difference.

As an example, most of us celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays.  We send gifts, greeting cards or Greeting Stones and make telephone calls to make someone we know happy.  But what about the people who are down and out and have nowhere to turn?  We may not know them individually, but we can make their lives better, not just on special days, but often.  We donate to charities and hope our donations can make a difference.  However, there are professional fund raisers that keep a large portion of the funds they raise.  The money does not go to those that need it.  Use the Charity Navigator website to ensure your donations go where the money is needed.

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Creating Curb Appeal

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 posted by Joan
Friends Forever Engraved Rocks

Friend Forever Engraved Stones

Sometime houses look beautiful from the outside but are almost empty on the inside.  This is referred to as being house poor.  House warming gifts and personalized friendship gifts help to make things better, however a home should be enjoyable from the inside more than look great from the outside.  Curb appeal adds to the attraction because first impressions are everything.  Sometimes we see the landscaping but fail to see things like weeds, broken siding, broken downspouts and chipped paint. They destroy the luster when you get closer to the front door.

Unless you are planning to flip the house, you own, you can add to the landscaping gradually using a master landscape plan.  That way, you have extra funds available to make the interior homier.  Avoid taking out large loans to do everything at the same time.  It can be tempting, however, as we saw during the first decade of the 21st century, economics can change rapidly, and financial pressures are hard to deal with.


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Money Management Tips

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 posted by Joan
Success Motivational Stones

Success Engraved Stones

There are so many scams that make the headlines that many folks are just plain scared to trust someone else to manage their hard, earned savings. Managing your own money without sufficient training can be a mistake.  Interest rates are so low that it might take a ton of motivational paperweights to improve their yield.  Listen to the commercials on radio and TV which can be tempting, but can you really trust the source?  Listening to friends can also be a mistake.  So, what is the best course to follow?

In my opinion, my money should always be in my name managed by a  money manager.   With Bernie Madoff, the money was controlled by him and he set up accounts for his clients.  If you wanted to get to your money, you had to request it.  I prefer my investments in a large brokerage firm like Fidelity or Charles Schwab.  Anytime I want money, I just write a check.  I view all mail from the brokerage firm to make sure I know what is happening even though I have great faith in my manager.  I don’t wish to spend all my time managing my money.

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Why We Like Consumer Reports

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 posted by Joan


Engraved River Stones

Reports is a unique magazine because it one of the very few that does not accept advertising.  They rate many popular products according to their usefulness and durability.  Also, they publish their information for the use of subscribers and do not permit manufacturers to advertise or promote their ratings without their permission.  They rate both expensive products like automobiles and low cost items like towel paper.  They don’t rate unusual things like engraved polished stones or waste baskets because there is not enough interest in them.

We have subscribed to Consumer Reports for more than forty years because it helps us to avoid buying mistakes.  Some of the public believe that if you pay more for a product you are buying a better product. That could be a costly mistake.  Others believe that buying cheap is best to save money.  Consumer Reports tests products using scientific methods and by collecting information from their large base of subscribers.  They send out questionnaires to learn more about product reliability and frequency of repair.  Because most folks are fair and honest, the information collected is accurate. Being a non-profit organization, they also solicit donations from the public.



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Useless Gifts

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 posted by Joan
Thank You Engraved Stone

Thank You Engraved Stones

On occasion, you might receive an unwanted gift.  It is not something small like engraved business gifts but something large that you have no room for and it is really not appreciated.  The question is what should you do.  You can return it if it is returnable for a credit, give it away to a charity or just store it in the garage or basement.  But that is not where the problem ends.

What happens when the sender of the large gift visits and asks about their gift?  Now you are stuck.  In my opinion, the best approach is to call the person who sent it and tell them how much you appreciate the thought.  Then, you have to honest with them.  You may have to say that the gift is a great idea, however you have nowhere to put it.  If it is a large picture, you might not have enough wall space.  If it is a statue, you might not have enough floor space.  Consider this when you buy a surprise gift for someone else.  Surprises are nice but are not always practical.

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Improving Mental Health for Seniors

Sunday, April 23, 2017 posted by Joan
feel good engraved stones

Inspirational River Stones

Many seniors struggle with depression.  This condition can be due to heath challenges, retirement and death or sickness of their partner.  It’s not unusual for seniors to doubt their self-worth, be unmotivated and bored.  Here are some preventative measures that can help alleviate these negative feelings:

  1. Stay connected – Try to telephone your family and friends. Don’t forget to send those clever birthday greetings. Plan dinners and outings to get together.  Visit your children and grandchildren.  If you haven’t heard from someone; reach out to them.
  2. Keep moving – Try to do some type of exercise each day.  Join a gym, walk outside, take a yoga or stretch class.  If your time is limited or access to resources is a problem, there are many good DVDs and TV programming to consider.
  3. Go outside – Studies have shown the time spent outside is a natural high.  Go for a walk, garden and spend time outside at the park or on your patio.
  4. Play games – Games and puzzles are good for your brain.  Try crossword and jigsaw puzzles for fun.  Learn to play canasta, mah jongg and/or bridge.  These games will not only keep your mind active, but are also a good way to make friends and socialize.


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Ways to Communicate

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 posted by Joan
Happy Birthday Greeting Stone

Happy Birthday Engraved Stones

There are many ways to communicate with others in the 21st century.  Some use the telephone while others prefer text messages.  Social media is the best and easiest way to reach many others efficiently and effectively. Message stones are for one person to motivate someone else constantly.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others are very effective and can go viral.  But what is the most effective way to communicate?

You can read something or hear something but the most effective way to communicate with  someone else is eyeball to eyeball.  They can see your facial expressions and body language.  So phone calls to your folks are good, but try to visit them. Communications are very important, but can be misinterpreted.  When you send a message, re-read it before you send it and make sure it has right tone.  That approach is better than trying to undo things later on.

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