Becoming a New York or New Jersey Non-Resident

Monday, June 15, 2015 posted by Martin
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Some folks have homes in both New York or New Jersey and a warm weather state.  Because the taxes could be favorable if you are a non-resident up north, some might take the position that they are residents of the other state such as Florida.  Be careful.  If you guess wrong, you could be assessed both penalties and interest. Carrying one of your favorite engraved pocket stones will not provide guidance, but researching state non-residency requirement will.

Each northern state has two requirements to be considered a non-resident.  The first test is how many days you resided in their state.  A partial day is considered a day.  The second is the question of domicile.  Domicile is where you appear to reside.    Suppose that the residency rule in your state is 180 days.  No matter what, if you resided in the northern state for 180 days or more, you cannot be a non-resident.  If the evidence shows that your domicile is in the northern state, you cannot be a non-resident.  The states take the position that if you have a residence up north, you are a resident.  It is up to you to prove that you are a non-resident.

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