Identity Theft

Sunday, December 22, 2013 posted by Martin
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As we progress into cyberworld, security issues become more of a problem, not less. Criminals and hackers find ways around weak system security and weak human behavior. If you are very casual about your computer security and your post office mail, you are at greater risk. I strongly recommend that you place a security lock on your credit to protect yourself from Social Security and identity theft predators.

The latest weakness in identity security is the Affordable Healthcare System. It is not as solid as engraved rocks. It was released in time for the October 1 deadline before the security features were tested. Since then, it has been reported that there risk of personal information becoming compromised. Also, if you are working with an Obamacare advisor, security clearance checks might be inadequate. Again, the solution is to place a security lock on your credit.

Other steps include shredding personal financial information and changing passwords frequently. Make sure they use numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters.

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