Sunday, June 21, 2015 posted by Martin
Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

Merry Christmas Engraved Stones

These days annoying marketing and robocalls seem to be worse than ever.  Initially, when the DO NOT CALL list was established, those calls dried up.  However since then, the government does a poor job of enforcing its rules. These days, I receive tons of calls for medical alert systems or from bank services (no bank I deal with) and often at dinner time.  I continually file complaints, as have many others, but the problem only gets worse.  Perhaps if we send them early Christmas or Hanukkah greetings, they might do a better job.

I contacted Verizon to find out how they could help.  They came up with a great big zero.  I wrote to my congressman to learn why complaints go unanswered and it only gets worse, not better.  I received a proforma reply telling me to contact the Federal Trade Commission.  The politicians in Washington need to deal with the problem for things to improve.  I urge you to write to your representatives also.

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